Past Hindu Satsang scholarship winners

Every year, students affiliated with the Hindu Satsang group will have an opportunity to submit an essay to qualify for the Didwania and Jain scholarships. Under each scholarship, we will award a 1st prize of $600 and 2nd prize of $400 with a total of 4 scholarship awards every year
Here is the list of students who has won this honor over the years:


2022 - 2023

Didwania scholarships:

Ansh Sethi (1st)

Shriya Tiwari (2nd)


Sudesh Kumari Scholarships: 

(Jain) scholarships:

Rajas Gandhi (1st)

Ayanna Pandit (2nd)


2021 - 2022

Didwania scholarships:

   Jai Viswanathan (1st)

   Aadi Pandit (2nd)


Jain scholarships:

   Vandita Rastogi (1st)


2020 - 2021

Didwania scholarships:

   Alyssa Shroff (1st)

   Dhruv Syngol (2nd)


2019 - 2020 : 

Didwania scholarships:

   Preena Shroff (1st)

   Krish Nangia (2nd)


2018 - 2019 :  

Jain scholarships:

   Isha Tyle (1st)
   Jai Gandhi (2nd)


Didwania scholarships:

   Darsh Kapadia (1st) 
   Saanvi Sethi (2nd)


2017-2018 :

Jain scholarships:

  Nikhil Gupta (1st)
  Archit Dhar (2nd)

Didwania scholarships:

  Niyati Kapadia (1st)

  Ronak Chandrana (2nd)