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2022-2023 Didwania and Jain Scholarship

Students affiliated with the Hindu Satsang group will once again have an opportunity to submit their essays to qualify for the Didwania and Jain scholarships. Under each scholarship, we will award 1st prize of $600 and 2nd prize of $400 with a total of 4 scholarship ($2000) awards this year. Please find below the information about this opportunity and let me know if you have any questions.


The topic of the Essay:

Typically, we announce the topic in January every year, but we are sending you the topic ahead of time so that students can use their winter break to prepare for the essay submission.


Topic: How are rituals and ceremonies like puja, rakhi, touching feet, and others important in connecting you with your dharma (Hinduism)?

Submission Due By: January 31, 2023


Kindly please submit your essay using the Google form link below. Submissions that will be emailed directly to coordinators, teachers, or volunteers will not be considered.


Google Form Link for Essay Submission:

Essay submission form


You can find the winners of the past years on this page:


In order for a student to participate, the student would need to meet the requirements given on the right column:


Didwania Scholarship Requirements:

1) Current or former Hindu Satsang Sunday School student who has participated for a minimum of 3 years.

2) Currently in middle or high school.

3) Previous winners can submit their essays, but there will be no repeat winners.


Jain Scholarship Requirements:

1) Current college student who is or has been associated with Hindu Satsang.

2) Must be less than or equal to 21 years of age.

3) Previous winners can submit their essays, but there will be no repeat winners.


Other Requirements:

1) Essay length should be 500-700 words in a word document (not .pdf). Must have an introduction, body paragraph(s), and a conclusion.

2) Essays must be the original work of the student. This means no help from parents or others.

3) The essay submission will be followed by an interview. The interview will be conducted via Zoom or in person between February 5 and February 15.


If you have any further questions, please contact any of the Educations Coordinators or Sunday School teachers.


Click here to view our past scholarship winners


Hindu Satsang Education Coordinators:

Shubh Malhan (630)550-1386

Anant Vyas (630) 890-7576

Jug Uppal (630) 256-6986


With warm regards and best wishes,

Hindu Satsang Executive Committee